Refund Policy

1. Overview

Skillhub FZ-LLC (“Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) operates (“Site”, “Service”). This Refund Policy describes how refunds are handled on our Site and provides information on when the Client ( “you”) may be eligible for a refund and the process you need to follow to request one. 

We promise to deliver products in a timely manner and according to the stated Client guidelines as indicated in the Order. In the event of its violations, the Client will be entitled to either a partial or full refund, in accordance with our 100% guarantee. 

2. General

You have the right to request reimbursement if you are not pleased with the Service. We take pride in delivering quality Products.

If you are not satisfied and would like to get a refund instead, the Quality Assurance Department will conduct an investigation. The refund claim will be approved or denied based on the result of the investigation.

In general, our Service receives excellent reviews and high satisfaction rates. We have seen that more than 95% of past Clients were happy with our work and return in the future. However, we understand that everyone’s needs are different, and mistakes can occur. 

To ensure clarity in our Policy, it's important to outline situations in which we can offer a refund. These instances include:

  • No Writer Assigned: In rare instances, if a Writer is not assigned to your Order, you will be provided with a full refund for the entire amount paid. Please be aware that refunds are not automatic. You would be notified as soon as possible if this problem were to occur. If no appropriate Writer is available for your Order, please send your claim to the Quality Assurance Department. They will review your situation and provide a prompt refund.
  • Order Cancellation: You may cancel your Order after you were assigned a Writer but prior to its completion. In this scenario, refund percentages range from 100% to 70%, considering the efforts made by both the Company and the Writer to deliver the purchased product and services. This applies when the Product has not been uploaded. If the work is completed, it will be treated as a Disputed Claim and reviewed by our Quality Assurance department, which determines the refund amount.
  • Quality of delivered Products: If you’re dissatisfied with the quality of delivered Products, you are capable of requesting a refund to the Quality Assurance Department within a period of 90 days from the date of Order completion. Our Quality Assurance Department will conduct an investigation and subsequently determine whether the request is approved or denied:
  1. As part of the investigation, the Quality Assurance Department carries out a comprehensive check of the Product file using special tools and prepares a report for the Client based on the results. If the quality of the Product does not meet the requirements set forth in the Terms & Conditions and the Quality Assurance Department recognizes this in the report based on the results of the investigation, the Client may demand a refund of the Order price. The Quality Assurance Department approves the refund request.
  2. If the Client claims the Product delivered is plagiarized or includes AI-generated content, the Quality Assurance Department will run a relevant report to check. This is needed to determine if this claim is accurate. In case the quality of the Product is poor, the Client may demand a refund of the Order price. The Quality Assurance Department approves the refund request.
  3. If the Quality Assurance Department concludes in its report that the quality of the Product fully complies with the requirements set forth in the Terms & Conditions, the cost of the Order cannot be refunded to the Client. 
  • Late Delivery: The Company will issue a refund to appropriately compensate for any delivery delays. The specific refund amount will be determined through discussion with the Client. However, in cases of late delivery caused by the Client's inability to provide necessary information for order completion, no refund can be granted. Therefore, it is recommended to provide all task-related information, including any additional sources required, at the time of placing the order initially.
  • If the Order is completed after the initial deadline has passed, yet the Client still requires the work, they may be eligible for a partial refund.
  • Order, placed by mistake: In the event your Order was placed by mistake, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to cancel it before a Writer has been assigned, and a full refund will be processed. If we did not receive a cancellation request before the Order was started, one of the situations listed above will be applied.
  • Double charges: If you are billed twice, please notify us right away. For double charges, please send us both receipts so we can help rectify this issue. We will process a full refund for any extra charges that were incurred. This situation, however, is quite rare. This only happens in situations where Clients accidentally ordered twice.

3. No Refund

You are not entitled to a refund in the following circumstances:

  • Delayed payment: If the Client claims that the Order has been delayed when the reality is that the payment was also delayed, we shall not bear responsibility for it. In this case, a refund cannot be requested.
  • Refund period has passed: Refunds are available within 90 days of the original transaction date. If 90 days have passed since the transaction date, we cannot offer you a refund. 

4. Refund processing

Your refund will be processed within 3 (three) business days. We are not responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any bank service issues.

Please note that refund processing depends on the payment date (for your Order) and in some cases may have a sharplyx increased likelihood of experiencing some issues. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, as such refunds are processed by independent payment card network processors, which have their own rules. Therefore, we cannot handle your refund in such a case.

For the same reason, it is also not possible to route a refund from one payment method to another one (e.g., to a new credit card at a different company).

Refunds are available within 90 days from the original transaction date. If the refund period has elapsed, you are not entitled to a refund.

5. Chargeback

A chargeback happens when you dispute a transaction with your issuer, and they contact us to reverse it.

In the event of a chargeback, you acknowledge that we may suspend access to your account. Any fees resulting from chargebacks or other payment disputes will be your responsibility to cover.

6. Copyright Rights in a Case of Cancelation

If the Order is canceled, the Client is prohibited from using any products provided before the cancellation. All rights for the copy go back to the Company.

7. Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting Services

Please understand that the Order you place for the editing, proofreading, and formatting services contains original content written by you and may contain errors of a contextual nature. We do not take responsibility for the original content provided, in case the Order is for the alternation of the initial text.

8. Changes to this Policy

We may change this Policy at any time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are up to date with any changes. As far as technically and legally feasible, the Company will notify you about any significant changes by giving notice on the Service and/or sending a notice by contact information.

Changes to this Policy are effective since they are posted on this page.

Updated: Mar 22, 2024